Our Lady of Guadalupe School

Hi, I am Angie Burton.  I have been teaching Kindergarten at Our Lady of Guadalupe for many years.  In Kindergarten, art and music are a core part of our everyday activities.  We are building a foundation for all future learning.  We focus on number skills that reach up to addition and subtraction.  We are beginning readers.  We use our knowledge of letters and sight words to read books at our level.  We are discovering that the Bible is a special book that tells us about Jesus’ life.  We learn about Jesus through prayer and going to Mass each week with our buddies.  We investigate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts by building and exploring many concepts appropriate to our developmental level.  We work on very important skills that help us to be good, respectful, peaceful and dignified friends who exhibit self-control.  We do all of this and have fun at the same time.