PreK Program


Our Prekindergarten program follows the regular school calendar and the regular school hours.  Prekindergarten students are provided with a rest period each afternoon.

Prekindergarten students are welcome to participate in the Before Care and After Care programs.

We are pleased to welcome students who are four years old on or before August 1 to join our prekindergarten class.

Our mission is to provide a preschool program which fosters the child's growth and development socially, emotionally, physically, academically, and spiritually.

Our goal for each child is to prepare him or her to be successful in Kindergarten.  Our curriculum was developed to encourage growth of the whole child as he or she develops self expression, self esteem, creativity, and thinking skills.  The curriculum focuses on learning basic concepts and skills through a variety of experiences and activities.

Our specific curriculum goals include:

  • Provide a positive sense of identity and emotional well-being.
  • Develop respect for gender, age, and cultural diversity.
  • Develop age-appropriate social, physical, language and literacy skills.
  • Encourage thinking, reasoning, questioning, and experimentation.
  • Provide exposure to the arts and encourage creativity.
  • Demonstrate proper health, safety, and nutritional practices.