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Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish History

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Parish History
Our Lady of Guadalupe was established in 1954.  Father Francis Kelly was the founding pastor.  The Archdiocese of St. Louis bought the property from the Franciscan Sisters, who are intimately connected with the history of the parish.

The church building and eight classrooms were completed in the autumn of 1955.  We should say they were almost completed for the school was opened with unfinished floors and temporary heating.  Such inconveniences served only to cement the spirit of the parish.

Eight more classrooms were added in 1959.  The Convent was built in 1961.  The present Rectory at 17 Hawkesbury Drive was formerly the convent.  In 1969, additional property was bought form the Franciscan Sisters to complete the Athletic Field.

The pastors serving at Our Lady of Guadalupe: Father Francis Kelly, Father Ralph Zimmer, Father John Geoghegan, Father John Klocker, Father Jack Schuler, Father Jim Foster, & Father John-Paul Hopping.