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Our Mission

Our Lady of Guadalupe School Community declares its mission is to holistically instill the values of Jesus in each child through positive attitudes, academic growth, responsible citizenship, and an appreciation of cultural and religious differences, in cooperation with the parents/guardians as their first teachers.  In the spirit of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the mother of Jesus, we believe it is our responsibility to offer acceptance and hope to all people.

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Our motto at Our Lady of Guadalupe School is, "One with Christ in joy, love and peace". United with you in purpose, we become partners in the important task of enriching the whole person. 

Our school exists because it is founded on the hope that all knowledge will be the beginning of wisdom; that faith will express itself in joyful service of the people of God. This spiritual training is the main reason you entrust your children to us. This is a sacred trust given to us by God. The ultimate aim of Catholic Education is to recognize and appreciate the worth and dignity present in all individuals because they are created in God's image.

This cannot be attained entirely in the school. The home works in conjunction with the church, school and society. The school begins to impart knowledge and skills, habits and attitudes which will inspire students and the various groups to which they belong to love Christ and live according to the Word.


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